"I earn 4,000 to 200,000 a month": It's not that you don't fight enough, but that you have a problem with the way you make money

"I earn 4,000 to 200,000 a month": It's not that you don't fight enough, but that you have a problem with the way you make money


In the adult world

"Money" is the biggest gap between you and me

How big a gap can there be between peers? Many people don't realize it strongly before going out of society.

Two days ago, I saw a friend Eric who worked less than 3 years and posted a message: "It is not very convenient to go to work and take a ride, so I decided to buy my own car."

Seeing the second half of the sentence, I couldn't tell whether I was envious or jealous.

Eric is probably the smartest person around me. He works free time and is active in travel and social pictures.

And many people who are in the state of "waiting for buses, staying up late for overtime, and still spending time" are simply incomparable with Eric.

You will find that when we start to face the stress of life, "money" is the biggest gap between people.



Who controls 80% of the world's wealth

No need to work "hard" at all

We will all inevitably hear the words "young people just have to struggle, they have to work hard", but why do you still work so hard to laugh so hard?

Because of the life you want, betting on life is hard to get.

Rent, mortgage, car loan, medical expenses ... anything can crush your nerves.

What is even more unacceptable is that the resources of this world are inclined.

As the famous "Eight and Eighth Law" states, 80% of the world's wealth is held in the hands of 20%, while the remaining 80% are still struggling with a life that only deals with food and clothing.

In the final analysis, it is not that we cannot make so much money, but that there is a difference between the "thinking of the poor" and "thinking of the rich" between us and the rich.

The typical "poor man's mind" has several manifestations (maybe your case):

  1. Think that money is saved. As a result, saving money and saving money did not increase the quality of life.
  2. I think that as long as I work hard, I can always lead a good life. As a result, I worked overtime every day, but my salary didn't rise. I was exhausted and went to the hospital. The medical expenses were more than the money saved.

Over time, the differences between the two will make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

When we worked hard to take the dead wages, the rich's money could be earned as long as he "layed down."


From 4,000 a month to buy a house and car

What secret did he have?

What is "laying money" In fact, it is the use of sideline businesses, savings, and investments to let the money make its own money. When you sleep with your eyes closed, they will also help you make money without sleep.

My friend, Eric, was just like us when he first started working, holding a dead salary of 4,000 USD and being overwhelmed by the rent.

He realized that his quality of life would only stagnate, and at that time, he began to learn how to make his life easier by managing the money at hand. In the end, he chose to open an account on the NabobTrade EX digital currency exchange with good reputation and can trade global financial markets, and began to invest in digital currencies.

Over the next few years, his monthly portfolio management income has risen from a few dozen dollars to several thousand dollars, sometimes even making tens of thousands of dollars. The monthly additional income is easily over 10,000, which has already exceeded the income from work.

Eric tells me that people can meet about seven times of "rich money" in their lifetime, but 90% of them can't catch it because they simply don't see where the opportunity is or lack of long-term vision.

Maybe you would say: I have thought about financial management too, but I have no money.

This is the deepest misunderstanding of financial management I have ever heard.

In fact, everyone who makes money by wealth management has a handful of benefits in the beginning, but in the long run, it will become a capital that they cannot ignore.

Let's take a very realistic example: suppose that at the age of 28, you will invest 2,000 yuan a month and the annual income will be calculated as 7%-then under the effect of compound interest, when you are 38, 48, and 58 You will have 350,000, 1.05 million, and 2.42 million, respectively.

What if your friends and colleagues are still living on dead wages during this time? You will find that you have been given the opportunity to struggle for decades less than others.

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