Traditional sales and smuggling are about to disappear, bank layoffs and store closures, and future global sales models (you can guess)

Traditional sales and smuggling are about to disappear, bank layoffs and store closures, and future global sales models (you can guess)

It's not that the business is not working, it is your business that is not working!

Heavy news! Banks will "disappear" by 2030

KPMG said in a report a few days ago that banks and their services may "disappear" by 2030, and a human assistant similar to Siri will take over customers' lives and financial services. As a result, most departments of traditional banks may disappear, and professional services will gain greater development.

80% of bank employees will be laid off?

According to financial reports, 80% of bank employees in traditional banks will face laid-offs. According to news reports, the number of layoffs announced by these major banks in the first three quarters of 2015 has reached 52,000. According to statistics, there have been about 600,000 layoffs announced since 2008.  

In March 2015, Wells Fargo announced that it would cut 1,000 employees;

In May 2015, JP Morgan also announced that it will cut 5,000 employees next year;

In June 2015, HSBC also announced its global restructuring plan, cutting 50,000 employees;

In July 2015, Bank of America announced that nearly 3,000 referees in the second quarter;

At the end of October 2015, Deutsche Bank announced that it would lay off 26,000 employees by 2018;

In November 2015, Credit Union Italia decided to lay off 18,200 employees;

In December 2015, Citibank announced plans to lay off at least 2,000 people in 2016.

The British "Financial Times" previously analyzed that in 2015, 11 large European and American banks cut a total of 100,000 bank jobs, equivalent to 10% of the total number of employees of these banks.

Industry insiders predict that the tide of layoffs in the banking industry will continue to rise.

2017 physical store dead list!

1. Tesco: comprehensive delisting in China begins.

2. Wal-Mart will close 30% of its stores.

3. Renrenle: closed 18 stores in 2014.

4. McDonald's: 2017 is expected to close 700 stores worldwide.

In 2018, all industries will be reshuffled.

Economists predict that in the next three years, 45% of people in developed and rich countries will be engaged in the Internet multiplication model industry.

Just in 2019, you will suddenly find: the market is not doing well; your product profits are too thin; your talents appear in the competition; your business is in trouble ...

There is no job to do, no business to do, and 30% to 45% of people will be engaged in e-commerce and direct sales, which means that more than 80% of people in each family will be engaged in these two industries! 

Record of Bill Gates' speech:

Good companies do not develop until the central government allows them, and good companies in the world do not start because of a document.Even when the release of the document pointed out the direction, it was "the time when thousands of horses crossed the wooden bridge". At this time, companies rush into this market, but the probability of death is very high, so the judgment of entrepreneurs is very critical.

In many countries, 60%-80% of goods will be sold via the Internet in the future

In the next 5 years, street bookstores will disappear by 80%, street shoe stores and clothing stores will disappear by 50%, physical stores are "occupied", and the struggle between old and new marketing models has begun! Are you aware of the crisis and find new business opportunities? There is only a way out with advancing with the times! The physical store cannot be opened anymore, and the rent cannot be paid! Store security will also shrink. Unexpected things, grasping the end consumer is the way out!

In the next 30 years, either e-commerce or no business can be done.   --Bill Gates

If you miss the Internet, it's not just opportunities that will pass you by, but a whole era.   --Zuckerberg

"Shoes don't fit, I don't know until I wear them!"

Any new pair of shoes is very uncomfortable when first worn, so many people dare not try it! The Internet is a major change in economic development. No matter whether you accept it or not, you can't stop it from developing quickly.

  1. 95% of the people in this world are sick and dead, only 5% are old and die. In most cases, you are also the former! Everyone must not be lucky, and don't be blindly optimistic. People in the hospital today still have the same mentality as you and me! However, some people have left the hospital because of money to treat their illnesses and continue their good lives. Some people, because they have no money, can only lie in bed waiting to die, leaving this beautiful world.

  2. Many people are reluctant to invest when they are young, only to save money and save money, but there is a truth you must know: 60% of families will be sellers and even borrow money to help you because of your illness. Pay the debt you owe to the hospital, and at that time you are probably unconscious and know nothing. Therefore, when you still have the ability to make money, opening up more investment channels and making yourself more money is to reduce the burden on your family!

  3. The truth that the world does not understand: 80% of the people will give up all the money they have saved to the hospital in the last year of leaving the world, and finally they will die unwillingly! Your health today does not mean that you will be healthy tomorrow, nor does it mean that you will still be like 10 years from now. If that time, you will not have the ability to make money. Can you buy a happy life with the money you save?The process of quantitative change to qualitative change may not be so painful, so you should start making some investments now. For example, investing in the most popular and most promising asset in the world, digital currency, overloading your wealth and aging The speed makes you have a healthy body and a happy family.

Now many financial companies have increased their Internet business, and even some large financial companies. For example, Nabobtrade EX Exchange, a financial service provider with a global presence, has taken online Internet financial investment as its main business. You join Nabobtrade EX to promote, Making money on your own, and more importantly, giving others a hope to go beyond your current life and get a lot of money!

Investing can start with small money, start young, the sooner the better. You do n’t want to spend money today, you will have no money to buy your life! Friends, when you feel young when you can still make money, pay attention to investing, invest in life Change your consciousness, seize the golden age of Internet financial growth, and double your wealth!

Future Internet market development trends

  1. Financial investment has always been hailed as a perpetual motive for wealth and has a large growth space. It is inevitable to use the Internet model for development.

  2. The high cost and fierce competition of the traditional model lead to the best choice of Internet access.

  3. the huge space for the development of the Internet, breaking through the limitations of time and space, will gradually realize product sales without shops.

  4. With the development of "Internet + Investment", the sixth wave of wealth will appear.

  1. The situation is now clear:

Internet fintech service industry is the biggest market demand!

The online exchange Nabobtrade EX has the best profit distribution mechanism!

The Internet is the strongest means of market development!

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The biggest risk of investing in financial management is called: Doing nothing!

You have rested, the money should be at work!

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