What are active and passive income, and how do I get more passive income?

What are active and passive income, and how do I get more passive income?

Structure of income

People's income can be divided into two types. One is the income that is actively obtained and participates in work, that is, the income of money is exchanged for time by providing mental or physical labor. The other is passive income, which refers to income that does not require much effort and time, but can be obtained through proper investment or financial management. Most of the people around us depend on active income, and most of the rich in the world depend on passive income. This income is often unpredictable in the early days, but it can be substantial. At least it will improve your economy, and at least it will increase your wealth.

Where does passive income come from? The income from investments in financial markets, including digital currencies, bonds, funds, trusts, insurance, foreign exchange, futures and various derivatives, are all passive income. There is also a kind of passive income that you may not have thought of, that is, paid courses, publishing books, and music rights. People will continue to buy it. Even if you no longer continue to create for some reason, those previously published works can still Sell online or elsewhere, generating a steady stream of revenue.

In the process of financial management, we can continue to increase the proportion of passive income in total household income through reasonable investment planning. If passive income exceeds living expenses and serves as the main income of the family, it will have no effect on you even giving up active income. In the case of family economy, then financial freedom can be achieved, and it is not far from the so-called freedom of wealth in life!

Prerequisites for passive income

For example, if you want to eat eggs, there are two ways. One is to buy eggs directly from the market and go home to eat them. The other is to buy a chicken to come back, raise it, and let the chicken lay eggs. There is a cost here, the cost of buying and raising chickens. Chickens are fed. Rice or rice is used as food. If the chickens are sick, they must also be treated by the animals. If the chickens are low or non-productive, they need to buy feed to feed them. Where does the money come from? Of course, you can also raise the chickens and let them forage on their own, which will save the cost of feeding. But this will face the risk of chickens being malnourished or stolen, which is a hidden cost in the final analysis.

In real life, achieving financial freedom is not easy. For example, when buying financial products, I find that I have almost no spare money except for the monthly living expenses, rent, water, electricity and other expenses, so I can't talk about buying financial products for passive income; Not to mention the opening of membership, it is really difficult for someone who has never stepped into the door of financial management.

Therefore, many people want to know, what can I do to get passive income quickly? Passive income is not an excuse for laziness, nor is it a reason to give up work. The premise of any passive income is to first create active income.

Therefore, you can't pay too much attention to the methods of quickly obtaining passive income. What you really want to care about is what you are interested in and what you are good at. This kind of goodness is the core competitiveness we often say. The real core competitiveness is not to stand out from the crowd, but to keep improving, constantly improve, learn from others' strengths, transform into their own, or build their own expertise and skills. Of course, the effect of this is slower. It is suggested that you should learn to follow the experts in the professional field and quickly ride the fast lane of wealth appreciation, which is really your core competitiveness.

The classic case of passive income

The survey shows that 65% of the world ’s rich have at least three sources of economic income, and they are basically “passive income”. Passive income is a necessary prerequisite for financial freedom and early retirement. But in reality, many people's eyes are fixed on active income, while ignoring passive income.

After decades of rapid development, the most important thing in China is money. As long as you have good ideas, you can quickly gain a lot of wealth. Let's take a look at some ways to earn passive income.

"The way I get passive income is to invest in high-yield digital currencies. Every month I can earn more than 10,000 dollars in passive income through investment. Let me basically achieve financial freedom. I can go to any place in the world I want Places to travel. "

Bob Lai said: "Investing in high-yield and high-dividend digital currencies is the key to my passive income. I developed a portfolio, selected a good digital currency exchange Nabobtrade EX, and invested $ 120,000 in it I get $ 10,000 in passive income every month.

Bob Lai is 35 years old and lives in Vancouver, Canada. He is now a tech product manager.

"If you want to get a high passive income, you need to spend a lot of energy to learn how to choose digital currency, how to judge whether the value of digital currency is overvalued, and how to analyze the laws of financial markets. To do this, Investors are required to have high financial management skills, and it is recommended to directly choose an excellent digital currency mutual fund. Proportion: Nabobtrade EX exchange's co-managed fund will let them help you choose a digital currency with high growth and high dividends, and quickly achieve double income . "

"Investing in digital currencies is relatively risky, so to obtain passive income through this method, you must also consider your risk tolerance. If the risk tolerance is poor, I recommend that you invest in the digital currency mutual fund of Nabobtrade EX exchange so that Consider the risks of a single digital currency, as long as the market is rising, you can get income. Buying a Nabobtrade EX mutual fund can also achieve the goal of diversifying investment capital and diversify risk. "

This is my passive income. In the future, I will also expand the source of my passive income. For example, I will use the remaining money to buy real estate and give the house to the agent for rent. The rent is higher than the return from the bank.

As early as the generation of the fathers, they mainly aimed at self-sufficiency and obtained food by providing labor, and then traded food for their living needs. Therefore, the income from active labor was very low. Ways and attitudes to life have produced the peasant ideology of "too much work, more work, less work, less work, not too much."Of course, this is not wrong. As an era that was unquestionable, I just looked back at it now and obviously missed a lot of opportunities, such as abandoning agriculture and doing business, investing in financial products and other ideas.

The tide of the times is like a horse racing. Now we are facing a brand new Internet era. Every day we are making innovations and changes. It may take only a few years for an industry to be replaced and another brand new field to emerge.

Now is the era of the big bang of wealth. Rather than working hard every day and getting up early and working in darkness, it is better to think about how to get some passive income in your free time.

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