Can digital currency investment make money? Is it risky? How do ordinary investors participate?

Can digital currency investment make money? Is it risky? How do ordinary investors participate?

I often hear people say "buy digital currency" and "fry digital currency", but I don't understand what digital currency is? How to buy it?

Can I still buy it now? ...... Don't worry, today for everyone to popularize, buy 123 on the road of digital currency ...

What is digital currency investment

The digital currency market is the world's largest emerging trading market, with daily turnover of hundreds of billions of dollars, reaching a maximum of 3 trillion dollars. Digital currency transactions have generated many trading products, digital currency spot, digital currency options, etc., and digital currency futures will also be launched. However, the main trading entities of these digital currency derivatives are financial institutions and other institutional investors and our ordinary personal investments There is no dime relationship.

The majority of investors have access to the most personal digital currency spot transactions and digital currency margin transactions (also known as retail digital currencies). There is no fixed exchange. Generally, there are large and small digital currency exchanges with varying strengths (digital Currency platform) to help us trade with other exchanges or investors directly hedge with digital currency platforms, investors must choose the platform carefully.

Since digital currency is an emerging market globally, part of the digital currency margin trading that everyone is currently in contact with is provided by globally operated digital currency exchanges, and the other part is established by some domestic companies; the former may be overseas, but if it is formal Digital currency exchanges (such as: NabobTrade EX) generally have strong operating capital and cover all major countries around the world.

How to participate in digital currency investment?

After clarifying digital currency transactions and exchanges, it is not impossible to participate in digital currency investments. After all, formal investment channels are limited, and digital currency transactions are common in many countries.

But before participating, there must be two clear questions:

  1. Investors must make appropriate investments and self-control risks according to their own risk tolerance.
  2. Be sure to choose a regular digital currency exchange. NabobTrade EX is recommended. It is an old-fashioned exchange that operates worldwide and has high security. Countries around the world have excellent reputation.

How to make money through digital currency trading?

At present, the major trading types of major digital currency exchanges include: BTC, ETH, BTH, etc. Of course, there are powerful exchanges that can be seen, such as: NabobTrade EX, which offers more than 3000 digital currency quotes, covering All mainstream digital currencies in the world are denominated in US dollars and settled in digital currencies.

Digital currency spot trading is suitable for the general public, and can be traded by itself or commissioned by professionals. Digital currency margin trading is similar to futures trading, both of which are "long", "short" two-way trading, T + 0 trading, and leveraged trading. Disadvantages are extremely easy to liquidate. Generally, it is recommended to trust the transaction to a professional trader as much as possible. It is only necessary to collect the profits by yourself.

In addition, the digital currency market is a global market, trading 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday, which can adapt to anyone's time. The factors of the global market are intricate, the transaction volume is huge, and the fluctuations that are difficult for individuals and countries to control are a relatively fair trading market. Of course, major events in any region of the world, such as war, coups, elections, earthquakes and other factors, or major countries 'release of economic data, leaders' speeches, etc. will cause huge fluctuations in the digital currency market.

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