It doesn't matter how much money you make, how long you can make it is the most important!

It doesn't matter how much money you make, how long you can make it is the most important!

Owning the Gold Mountain and the Silver Mine is actually not enviable.

Many people are afraid that the income from work is uncertain, and office workers are anxious to find double pay, and they have to work hard after work, thinking that they can stay away from poverty.

What is the definition of rich? Everyone may have different standards for being rich. Some people think that being rich means having money to spend, and some people think they are healthy and have time to spend money. Such people can be called rich. In fact, the real money is that the whole family can have a steady stream of income without working.

Wealth and freedom sounds wonderful, but in fact, only a handful of people can do it, because most of the income of almost all families around us is derived from work. Really no need to work can create a steady stream of Income is rare.

The real rich, even if they stop working and play golf every day, they can generate tens of millions of income every month. The reason is that they have created a channel for them to make money. The financial products they invest in, as well as the rent of the house they bought, personal royalties, etc., are all good tools for them to make money.

This is also the original intention of purchasing insurance, but in addition to purchasing insurance, opening up a channel for passive income for your own family is the real solution to the problem. Smart people will plan ahead and build their nests in sunny weather, so that they can have a shelter from the rain when it rains, change their income structure, and pursue sustainable income is the right choice.

1. Any unsustainable income is not to be envied

The real rich are those who are healthy and have time to spend money. How do you define wealth? That is to first understand how long the original standard of living can be maintained without the whole family working.

Owning the Gold Mountain and the Silver Mine is actually not enviable. Rather than choosing Wan Guan's fortune, choose a cup that will keep pouring money.

"It doesn't matter how much money you make, How long you can earn is the most important. "

2. Completely change income structure

It's not that difficult to get rich. Income is a measure of psychological condition. The surrounding environment is just a projection of the value of the brain. Simply changing the thinking of the brain will greatly improve the income situation. Think about how much your current job can pay you? How many times can you sell your life? We can have real wealth and create a plan that never lacks money!

Therefore, to change the income structure, we must increase the "income when not working". Raise only about 5% of non-working income to more than 95%.

At least one person in the family needs to generate sustainable income

Every car has a fifth tire, which is a spare tire. Do you have a spare tire for your family that "continues to earn"? There are two roles in the family, caregiver and dependent. Those who bear the livelihood at home and earn money to go home to support their families are "caregivers"; another role that does not have the ability to work is a "dependent".

Smart families know that they can plan ahead and even make carers less hard. To completely change the income structure and pursue continuous income is the only option. Therefore, to stay away from poverty, at least one person in the family must generate sustainable income.

Co-create sustainable income

When people are in good times, they must think about where the crisis is! Accumulate at least one continuous income for yourself or your family while you have physical and spare time!

Some people have to work hard to get a second job after work because their income is unstable, but don't think that this will keep them away from poverty.

Any unsustainable income is not worth envying. It is even more unworthy to work overtime and pursue health at the cost of health. In addition, the interest on savings alone is not enough to make you old age. A friend retired from a civil service position 30 years ago and took out a retirement pension of 300,000 US dollars. 30 years ago, 300,000 US dollars was a considerable number, so the friend felt that he would never worry about eating and drinking!

So we need to think clearly about how much money a person needs to save to retire in order to be able to withstand inflation.

For example: the author of the song and song gets paid, the marketing consultant charges for the shares, the landlord collects the rent, the inventor registers the patent, the person who sets up the website collects the click fee day and night, the supermarket collects the channel promotion fee, the entrepreneur architecture system collects the franchise, Many situations, such as direct sales, insurance brokers building organizations, and expanding systems, are likely to continue to pay. Do you do business once, get paid once, or N times, which one do you choose?

There used to be two mountains, one on which Jimmy lived and the other on which Jack lived.

One day when Jack went to pick water, Jimmy didn't show up. He thought maybe Jimmy was sick.

The next day, Jack went to pick water again, but Jimmy still didn't show up. Jack began to worry and decided to visit Jimmy.

Jimmy said: "For the past 3 years, I have been picking up water every day, and I will use piecemeal time to dig a well. Now that I have dug a well, the well water is flowing endlessly. From now on, I will never have to go down the mountain to carry water !!

I can also save a lot of time and do what I like. "So, Jimmy never has to pick up water anymore, but Jack still can't rest. This is the importance of continuous income, and choice is more important than hard work.

The best way for the rich in the world to have a sustainable income

Money management is the fastest and best way to become rich.

A friend of mine, Eric, was just like us when he started work, exhausted with a dead salary of $ 4,000, and was overwhelmed by rent.

He realized that his quality of life would only stagnate, and at that time, he began to learn how to make his life easier by managing the money at hand.

During that time, he took the time to learn some investment skills every day, arranged half an hour to analyze the financial market in the morning, and heard that he often talked about a lot of financial terms.

Eventually, he intends to trade global financial markets. He chose to open an account on the NabobTrade EX digital currency exchange, because this is a financial management platform with a good reputation operating in the world, and began to invest in digital currencies.

Over the past few years, his monthly portfolio management income has risen from several dozen dollars to several thousand dollars. Sometimes he woke up, checked his financial account, and even made tens of thousands of dollars. For him, monthly financial income can easily exceed $ 10,000, which has already exceeded working income. When it comes to focus, this is continuous income, which is what he can get without much hard work.

Maybe you would say: I have thought about financial management too, but I have no money.

This is the deepest misunderstanding of financial management I have ever heard.

  In fact, everyone who makes money by wealth management has a handful of benefits in the beginning, but in the long run, it will become a capital that they cannot ignore.

Let's take a very realistic example: suppose you were 28 years old with a fixed investment of $ 2,000 per month and the annual income was calculated as 7%-then under the effect of compound interest, when you are 38 years old, 48 years old, and 58 years old, You will have $ 350,000, $ 1.05 million, and $ 2.42 million, respectively.

What if your friends and colleagues are still living on a fixed salary during this time? You will find that for decades you have been richer and happier than anyone else.

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